Zorbas White Wine
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Fine white wine produced from grapes of selected vineyards which undergo the process of vinification after strict monitoring.

White table wine characterized by fruit perfumes, smooth and rich palate. It is a charming wine that aspires to delight you.

Light pressure of grapes in a contemporary press, direct removal of sediment and cooling of the must, fermentation at controlled temperature of 18°C, rapid clarificaton and fast bottling process.

As a culmination of this effort came with the award winning of the silver medal in 2010 at the International Competition CONCOURS MONDIAL DE BRUXELLES.

It harmoniously accompanies dishes of white meat and fish.

Served at 10-12°C.


Zorbas Red Wine
0.75lt, 0.375lt, 0.187lt

Red table wine particularly soft with excellent bouquet. The taste and aroma earn connoisseurs of good wine.
It is the result of a harmonious mixture of Greek varieties, pre-fermentation extraction under controlled conditions and standard red winemaking.
It harmoniously complements the Mediterranean cuisine.
Served at 16-18°C.




White table wine with a rich aroma made from indigenous varieties of grapes of selected privately-owned vineyards as well as from cooperative producers, following a strict selection process.
The delicate compression of the grapes, the removal of sediment, the thermal control and the prompt bottling procedure give the wine a bright color, a unique fruity aroma and a distinctive harmonic flavor.
Perfect accompaniment of traditional Greek dishes, seafood, fish, white meats and cheeses.
Served at 10-12°C.
As a result of this effort came the award winning of the COMMENDED medal in 2011, at the International Competition INTERNATIONAL WINE CHALLENGE, held in London.



Red table wine. A harmonious combination of aroma and full flavor that can win connoisseurs of good wine.
The selection of vineyards aims at illustrating the assets of Greek varieties.
Following the long pre-fermentation extraction and the co-vinification in controlled temperature, the wine remains in the tank with the thin wine mud.
It harmoniously complements traditional Mediterranean cuisine.
Served at 16-18°C


Zorbas White Wine

0.75lt, 0.375lt, 0.187lt